The benefits of DAMA in South West Western Australia for Businesses

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In the diverse landscape of Australian migration policies, the Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) shines brightly as a fantastic opportunity for businesses eyeing growth in Regional areas all over Australia. In this article I will explain the benefits of the South West Western Australia DAMA. Tailored to tackle specific labor shortages in regional areas, DAMA offers a special pathway for businesses to bring in skilled workers from overseas or to attract workers already in Australia. Let’s explore why DAMA in South West Western Australia is a game-changer for businesses

Areas included in the DAMA South West are:

  • City of Bunbury
  • City of Busselton
  • Shire of Augusta Margaret River
  • Shire of Boyup Brook
  • Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes
  • Shire of Capel
  • Shire of Collie
  • Shire of Dardanup
  • Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup
  • Shire of Harvey
  • Shire of Manjimup
  • Shire of Nannup

Tackling skill shortages

One big challenge for businesses, especially in regional places like South West Western Australia, is finding enough skilled workers. DAMA helps solve this by letting businesses sponsor skilled migrants who have the right skills and qualifications needed for jobs. This helps businesses stay productive and keep growing.

DAMA doesn’t just help businesses; it also helps regions like South West Western Australia grow. By bringing in skilled workers, DAMA boosts the local economy, builds better communities, and makes these areas more vibrant and diverse.

The South West DAMA includes a diverse range of occupations tailored to the region’s economic needs, here the job titles and ANZSCO code

Accommodation and Hospitality Managers – 423111

Aged or Disabled Worker – 321111

Automotive Electrician – 721212

Backhoe Operator – 351111

Baker – 070499

Bar Attendant (Supervisor) – 141111

Café or Restaurant Manager – 421111

Child Care Worker – 233211

Civil Engineer – 411711

Community Worker – 821211

Concreter – 133111

Construction Project Manager – 351411

Cook – 841512

Dairy Cattle Farm Worker – 831114

Dairy Products Maker – 321212

Diesel Motor Mechanic – 411712

Disabilities Services Officer – 712211

Driller – 721211

Earthmoving Plant Operator (General) – 411411

Enrolled Nurse – 721214

Excavator Operator – 411713

Family Support Worker – 841211

Fruit or Nut Farm Worker – 841212

Fruit or Nut Picker – 253111

General Practitioner – 431999

Hospitality Workers – 149999

Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers – 141311

Hotel or Motel Manager – 431411

Hotel Service Manager – 135112

ICT Project Manager – 721216

Loader Operator – 721112

Logging Plant Operator – 321213

Motorcycle Mechanic – 321211

Motor Mechanic (General) – 899411

Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitter (General) – 841217

Mushroom Picker – 423312

Nursing Support Worker – 324111

Panelbeater – 351112

Pastrycook – 233513

Production or Plant Engineer – 411715

Residential Care Officer – 621511

Retail Supervisor – 711913

Sand Blaster – 839412

Sawmill or Timber Yard Worker – 251214

Sonographer – 821713

Steel Fixer – 233215

Transport Engineer – 733111

Truck Driver (General) – 899415

Tyre Fitter – 841214

Vegetable Farm Worker – 841215

Vegetable Picker – 841216

Vineyard Worker – 431511

Waiter – 070499

Waiter (Supervisor) – 272613

Welfare Worker – 411716

Youth Worker – 272613

Benefits of DAMA for business

DAMA provides an extensive range of occupations that may not be available in metropolitan areas. This initiative aims to bolster businesses in crucial sectors while also enticing workers to relocate to regional areas for a minimum of three years. By supporting the development of these regions and fostering business growth, DAMA plays a pivotal role in driving economic prosperity and community advancement.

DAMA Also provide great benefits for employers when it comes to wages. For some occupations, a reduction in the current Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) may apply. Where a business case can be made for the reduction, there are two concession types available:

  • Type 1: Reduced TSMIT – at least 90% of the current TSMIT
  • Type 2: At least reduced TSMIT and included non-monetary earnings (such as food and board) equal to no more than 10% of TSMIT

Click to access the list of eligible occupations: DAMA TSMIT Concession Occupation List

Please note that the TSMIT was increased to $70,000 from all new Nominations lodged since July 1, 2023.

Dama in four steps

  • First, the Designated Area Representative, or DAR, approves the employer.
  • Next, the Labour Agreement, or LA, is negotiated.
  • Then, employers nominate their candidates in the Nomination stage, or NOM.
  • Finally, the candidate applies for a visa
  • The sponsored employee has a commitment of minimum 3 – 4 years with the business.

Easier visa process

Getting visas for workers can be complicated and slow. But when a DAMA is involved, the process is smoother and faster as the aim is to support regional areas as quickly as possible. Businesses can get their skilled migrants on board quickly and easily, saving time and paperwork hassle.

Expert guidance

Working with a migration agency from Green Wings Migration make the journey even better for businesses. Our agents know all the ins and outs of immigration rules, the documents to provide, the requirements for both employers and employees and can help businesses every step of the way. They make sure everything is done right, reducing rejection risks and making the process smoother.

Is DAMA Suitable for Your Business?

Considering a labor agreement under a Designated Area Migration Agreement is beneficial for businesses operating in eligible regional areas, especially if the required skills are not readily available through standard visa programs.

When applying for a labor agreement, it’s essential to present a strong business case, demonstrating a shortage of skills in the labor market. Our agents specialize in handling all aspects of the process, alleviating a significant burden from your shoulders. For inquiries and to discover how we can support you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re dedicated to guiding you towards success with DAMA in South West Western Australia.

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The information provided is a general guide and does not constitute legal or immigration advice; there are many regulations that may apply depending on each individual’s circumstances alongside changes in the industry. It is the user’s responsibility to verify the currency of information. Those seeking advice should engage a MARA registered migration agent.

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