The visa application is just the tip of the iceberg in a migration process. The preparation is essential to maximise success. Luckily for you, Green Wings Migration operates at 360 degrees to offer an experience that is as smooth as possible.

First Consultation

The most important service we offer is our First Consultation.

You can come to the office or have it handled via Skype, depending on your location and availability. Consultation is essential to grasp all details about your circumstances and making sure to define the most adequate migration strategy. We will not start working on your case without having had a consultation with you, regardless of how simple the case may seem at surface.

Before your consultation you will be required to fill in a simple questionnaire and to send it back prior to our meeting. This way, we can anticipate possible hurdles and make the most out of the time we spend together.

At Green Wings Migration we like to give clear instructions, valid on the day you consult with us. Your understanding of the matter is very important to us. That is why each client receives a meeting memorandum within few days with details of the discussion. This way, you can always go back to it for future references.

Visa Application

Generally, with the memorandum, we also send a quote to manage your migration process. If you are happy with our proposal and sign an official Engagement Contract, we will then start working on your case.

Our aim is to lodge your Visa or Citizenship Application in a timely fashion. We don’t like to drag processes for longer than necessary, but our efficiency strictly depends on your timing in providing the required information and documents.

Your data protection is of extreme importance to us, that is why we manage each client through a software that provides access to a Secured Client Portal where you can upload and download documents as we advance in your application.

The client portal not only represents a fast and secure way to collect documents and info for your application. It is also a great way to reduce paper waste and we are very proud of our efforts for the environment!

Once the application is lodged, we will monitor it for all the time taken by the Department in reaching an outcome. Monitoring and communications during this period are complimentary!

Skills Assessment

Many work visas require that the applicant has his skills assessed and certified by a relevant authority. This process is called Skills Assessment.

Skills Assessments can be quite complicated since each authority sets its own criteria. Some processes are paper based, whilst some other can be managed online. In certain cases, an evaluation of your qualification is sufficient, while other times a certain amount of work experience is also mandatory to consider you skilled. The cost of a skills assessment can also be quite consistent, ranging from few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The most common authorities are:

  • Trades Recognition Australia, specific for trades occupations;
  • Vetassess, responsible for many professional occupations and some trades
  • Engineers Australia
  • the Medical Board of Australia

However we count 36 assessing authorities in total so do not hesitate to ask our support in obtaining a positive skills assessment. Also remember that in most cases, the assessment must accompany your visa application or you may receive a refusal.

Recognition of Prior Learning

In some cases Recognition of Prior Learning may help to obtain a positive outcome for your visa.

This process is particularly indicated to those people who have extensive work experience, but no formal qualification. After all, you don’t necessarily need classroom based studies to be good at what you do!

Through collecting evidences of your job – such as payslips, references letters, samples – you can request formal assessment and issuing of a qualification. Be aware though: through the years many dodgy providers have flourished, guilty of giving away qualifications under compensation, but without carrying out the due checking required. The Department of Home Affairs is well aware of these scammers and a RPL obtained through them may be rejected.

Let us find a trustworthy provider for your recognition of prior learning.

Private Health Insurance

Most temporary visas (student, post graduate, visitor, employer sponsored) require the applicant to have adequate arrangements for private health insurance.

If you don’t have it you may be refused a visa or you may have your visa cancelled!

Although, in certain circumstances, you may be exempt from this requirement because you are covered by a reciprocal health agreement.

Green Wings Migration can help you in obtaining an insurance specific for your needs.

Administrative Appeal Tribunal

At times things may go south and it may not be possible to rectify information submitted with an application.

In this cases your application may be refused, but do not despair! A refusal does not necessarily represent the end of the World and in many cases adverse decisions can be overturned by the Administrative Appeal Tribunal.

Let us evaluate your circumstances and if chances are good, let us prepare your appeal.

Corporate Services

Employers and businesses require special services too.

At Green Wings Migration we know how hectic your work schedule is and this is why our corporate services offer a comprehensive range of activity, propaedeutic to your sponsorship and nomination procedures:

  • Market Salary Researches specific to your industry: if you intend to sponsor an overseas worker there are specific rules applicable to the terms and conditions you offer. As a general principle, a visa holder – or prospect visa holder – can not receive less beneficial conditions than an equivalent Australian worker;
  • Labour Market Testing reports: before looking at sponsoring overseas workers you must make sure that there is no sufficiently capable Australian worker willing to take up the position you are offering. We can manage your advertising campaign, shortlist candidates according to your specifics and – in case no one results to be successful – write an explanatory statement on your behalf;
  • Sponsor’s obligation compliance auditing: business who are or want to become sponsors must be aware that there are certain obligations to comply with. Let us guide you through them and be at your side with inspectors from the Department of Home Affairs want to ascertain your compliance;
  • Training plans development (service offered through third parties): training plans are the essential pieces in a Training Visa application. Our partner will work closely with you to develop the most suitable plan and achieve your objectives.