Migration Agents: 5 reasons to avoid them

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1. Migration agents tell you the truth

Let’s be clear here: before you left your Country, you certainly searched and read any single source of information regarding Australia. I mean, who doesn’t? We are 3rd Millennium travellers. We can find everything we look for on the internet. Straya’s weather, food, landscapes, dangerous fauna are no secret for us. Neither are less important and boring things such as economy stats, tax matters, driving policies, employments laws, health arrangements and of course visa requirements.

You go to visit a RMA and he tells you that if you want to be sponsored (because of course you read about the sponsorship program on that immigration blog and you master it), the English proficiency test is compulsory. What is he talking about? You are sure that Facebook member told you that if you have at least 6 months experience in your job, then the Immigration Department will save you from the test. Australia needs workers, who cares if they don’t speak English! They will figure it out.

Leave alone when they tell you that you should not photoshop your payslips. I mean, no one is perfect, right? What is the problem in adding a few months to our experience? Have you ever tried to ask to a RMA why your 8th application for a General English Course has been refused? They start to talk strange, like “Genuine Temporary Entrant Criterion”, “Genuine Student”, “Financial Requirement”…. man we just want to work, don’t we? Let us attending our fake school in peace so we can work full time: don’t they know that life in Australia is expensive?

2. They ask to be paid

This is so annoying! We just ask a little clarification about a paragraph we didn’t fully understand on the Government’s website. Just a few words, so we can keep putting together the application on our own. Still, they charge us like if we were using an entire hour of their time. Worst thing ever is when they start to list the expenses they had to sustain to become agents, the daily costs of their activities etc etc. Guess what agents? You chose it!

3. Their letters of advice are too detailed

Yes, some agents are really pedantic. We see them and after a few days they send us a so called “letter of advice”. Do they think we will not remember what they told us? Anyway, if you read this letter it is so full of references to legislation and rules and cases… Come on, why don’t they simply copy and paste from the Department of Immigration website! It would be so easy!

4. They never guarantee your success 100%

This is a serious one: we have to deal with their full respect of the law, we have to pay to receive their advice, we have to understand their code language and at the end of the story they reserve the right to say “your visa would be a 99% success”. What is the point to use an agent if he can not cover up that little lie a wrote on my incoming passenger card?

5. If something goes wrong, there is nothing the client can do

Registered Migration Agent…. yes but registered where? How? Why? I heard once about an institution called Migration Agents Registration Authority. Apparently if a client has a complaint regarding and agent, he can write to the MARA and they will start an investigation. The purpose is to maintain “integrity” within the profession. Let’s be realistic: why would you spend time to fill in a complaint form? It never takes anywhere right?

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