How should I approach an employer while seeking for a sponsorship in Australia?

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What are the first things to do once you arrive in Australia?

When you first arrive in Australia, one of the best things you can do is to start building connections with others. It’s beneficial to spend time with fellow newcomers, but also consider reaching out to people who have been living in Australia for a while, locals, professionals in your industry, or even lifelong residents. These connections can offer valuable support, advice, and opportunities as you settle into your new life. Keep in mind that everyone has their own unique story and background, so be open to learning from diverse experiences and perspectives, but don’t let this influence you too much.

Also, remember that you’re embarking on a new chapter in your life. For instance, if you’ve spent the last 5 years working in the hospitality industry, it doesn’t guarantee immediate employment once you arrive. You might need to acquire new skills, enhance your English proficiency, and even adapt your existing skills to fit the job market in a new country and to develop a solid migration plan.

What does it mean ‘sponsorship’?

If you cannot get invites through General Skilled Migration, then finding a company to sponsor you may be your only chance of gaining a pathway to PR or to stay longer in Australia. The process to find a sponsor may differ depending on your occupation or whether you are onshore or offshore.

First of all, what does it mean ‘Sponsorship’? Companies in Australia have the possibility to offer a contract to overseas workers if they demonstrate that they can’t find an Australian citizen or permanent resident with the skills and experience needed for the job.

They can sponsor workers on either a temporary or a permanent basis. They can sponsor someone who is a skilled worker:

  • living overseas who wishes to travel and work in Australia
  • already living in Australia on another type of visa which does not currently allow them to work or
  • already living and working on another visa in Australia

The Number 1 rule to know when you ask for a sponsorship

The golden rule is simple: Gather all the information, resources, and documents you need for your sponsor visa application before talking to your potential employer.

First, figure out which visa suits you best based on your skills, work experience, and education. You can do this by researching or consulting with a Registered Migration Agent, who can quickly identify the ideal visa pathway for you.

Once you’ve decided on the right visa type, start your skills assessment, English test, and gather documents from overseas to prove your work experience (like payslips and reference letters).

Having everything prepared shows your potential employer that you’re proactive and organised and they will appreciate you even more as person and as worker. It also makes the process faster for them since all the paperwork is ready to go. Instead of waiting on things like English tests or overseas documents which could take months to arrive.

What’s next?

Some companies have sponsored people before and might already have a preferred Registered Migration Agent. Other companies have never sponsored anyone, so they would need to start the process to become an accredited sponsor. At Green Wings Migration, we help both employees and employers with this process. We’re happy to speak with your employer and explain how to sponsor you.

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