- FAQ -


No, you don’t. In fact, if you have a good proficiency in English, enjoy digging your nose into migration legislation and have a lot of time to dedicate to the cause, you can perfectly manage your own application. However, there may be some points you wish to consider before making a final decision:

  • a registered migration agent/licensed immigration adviser is QUALIFIED and REGISTERED with the Authority and MUST keep its knowledge up to date. Additionally, agents and advisers have occupation specific subscriptions that let them access documents of policy and legislation often not available to the public;
  • registered agents and licensed advisers MUST ABIDE to the Codes of Conduct of each Immigration System, being it the Australian or the New Zealander. On top of it, agents and advisers have high moral and ethical qualities to keep your interest in focus all the time;
  • working on visas is an agent’s bread and butter and we know what we are doing!

Yes, there is. Agents and Advisers are not Government’s Employees and run their own private practices. As such, their services are associated with professional fees. The amount of fees varies and the most determining factors are the complexity of the case and the experience of the agent. You can expect two pay at least two sets of fees to your agent:

  • Professional Fee for Consultation: before working on ANY case, regardless of the apparent simplicity, at Green Wings Migration you will always be required to have a first consultation. This meeting (in office or via Skype) is essential to assess your circumstances and define preliminary line of actions. Following the consultation, you will always receive a memorandum letter and – in most cases – a quote to work on your case;
  • Professional Fee for Engagement: if you accept the quote and sign an Engagement Contract, we will start working on your case. Please note that we will not start any work on your case until a signed Engagement Contract is in place. We are liable for every word we tell you;

Normally, a 50% retainer fee is required to enact the Engagement. This money will be kept in our secure Client’s Account and we will not dispose of it until the full job is performed (we can however use it to pay for interim costs and disbursements). Then, before completing the lodgement of the application, we will request you to pay the balance of fees.

You can stop the contract at any time, giving written notice. In this case, you will only be required to pay for work that has been performed. Any amount that can not be billed, will be refunded promptly to your nominated account.

At Green Wings Migration we accept bank transfers, card payments and cash deposits.

No, decisions on visas are made by delegates of the Department of Home Affairs who apply their own discretion in the interpretation of the law. Agents and Advisers however help in evaluating the case and in preparing the required documentation.

At times an agent’s opinion may be adverse to your case. This does not necessarily mean that you should refrain from applying as it is ultimately your own decision. However, we will ask you to sign a disclaimer to acknowledge our advice and to confirm your intention to proceed despite that advice.

I try to be omnipresent and reachable as much as possible. There are enquiry forms on the website, a very active email address, an Instagram Page, Facebook Messenger and a phone line. However please do understand that I may not always get back to you immediately. I may be busy in a consultation with another client or I may be working on a case, which always requires great level of attention and dedication. After all, I am sure you wouldn’t like to be a paying client who does not get value for money because other matters interfere.

Emails are Green Wings Migration preferred method of communication, especially when you become an Engaged Client. Messages through social media or mobile text messages are difficult to keep track of and as a registered agent I must keep track of ALL communications with my clients.