Easier Pathway to Permanent Residency in Regional Australia

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DAMA visas might be the only way for individuals who are older to get Permanent Residency (PR) through regular visa routes. Also, they might let people get PR through employer sponsorship even if their job usually doesn’t allow it with regular visas in urban areas.

Why choose DAMA in a nutshell?

• All of the occupations have a pathway to Permanent Residency.

• There are additional jobs allowed to be sponsored on this visa. Each specific occupation comes up with a list of in-demand occupations for the region.

• You can only apply for this specific type of visa in a designated regional area (You cannot apply for this visa in any regional area, only in a specifically approved regional area authorized by immigration – listed below)

• There are often lower entry requirements for this visa. (Depending on the specific DAMA region, you may be able to apply for this visa if you have a lower English level, lower salary offered, or even receive age concessions)

What jobs can apply?

Each specific area creates a list of jobs that are in demand in the area. Therefore, there is no specific list for all regions. However, there are many jobs on the lists, like Childcare Worker or Bar Attendant Supervisor, which usually don’t appear in other sponsored visa lists. You can check out the full list of occupations for each area through the websites listed below.


You can apply in approved regional areas like the Goldfields or Kimberley in WA. Each area has its own specific rules and pathways to PR, check the links below:

What are the requirements?

You must still be nominated by an employer in a relevant occupation. This employer must be granted a labor agreement through their specific DAMA region.

You must meet the regular English requirement unless there are concessions. An approved concession will generally let you apply for the visa with a lower English level.

You must be offered an employment contract from your employer and being paid at least $73,150.00* unless there are concessions. When a concession is in place, applicants may be paid less than TSMIT.

The Applicant has the qualifications and work experience to work in the occupation. Sometimes this means you must pass a Skills Assessment.

Each DAMA region will have its own specific pathway to PR. However, these will usually involve the applicant working in the occupation between 2 – 3 years before being eligible to transition onto the Permanent visa 186/191.

*Please note from July 1st 2024, the salary or TSMIT has increased from $70,000 to $73,150

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